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Massage At Home

Massage At Home - If You Can Not Go Out, I can come

Massage At Office

Massage At Office - Relieve From The Stress of The Work

Massage At Hotel

Massage At Hotel - European or Asian Side - I can travel

istanbul masseuse

İstanbul Masseuse - Has Worked at SPA in İstanbul

massage therapist istanbul

İstanbul Massage Therapist - Helping You to Relieve Stress

istanbul massage

İstanbul Massage - One of The English Speaking Therapists

best massage place

Best Massage Place As An Alternative to SPA or Salon

best massage istanbul

Best Massage in İstanbul From A Massage Therapist

best turkish massage

One Of The  Best Turkish Massage in İstanbul

I am looking for an independent massage therapist /masseuse in İstanbul. Am I at the right website to find it?
Yes, absolutely! Please check the page which shows all the therapists (All Massage Therapists Page).

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I am looking for a SPA / Salon in İstanbul. Am I at the right website to find it?
No, unfortunately not. I do not show / recommend SPAs or Salons in İstanbul at my website, only independent massage therapists. Please watch the advantages / disadvantages of both at one of the videos at homepage.
I am looking for chat or dating or escort service. Am I at the right website to find them?
No, unfortunately not. You are totaly at the wrong address. :-( Please find another destination for yourself.
How can I contact the İstanbul massage therapists at the website?
You have to go to All Therapists Page first and then click the profile photo / button of the massage therapist to see the detailed information and the phone number of the therapist. 


Once you have the phone number there, you can send use Whatsapp, SMS or phone call to commmunicate with her. Whatsapp is the best choice initially for you as most therapists prefer that way.

Can you tell me a massage therapist page as an example?
Yes, sure. Below is the profile page of Therapist Yaprak in Ataşehir, İstanbul.

You can see the others in All Therapists Page of the website.

What are the services, prices and place of service of massage therapists?
It changes from therapist to therapist. You have to check the listing /page of each massage therapist first and then communicate with her to learn further details that you want.

Services (mostly, except some special ones) and place of services are written in the profiles. 

Regarding price of services, you have to ask the therapist individually. Also you can see the massage prices page of this website to have a general idea of price range of therapists.

If you do not see a (special or VIP) massage service you want in the profile of the therapist, please ask the therapist as she may offer that as well, although not advertised on her page.

Regarding service place, it is usually three options and each therapist prefers one or some of them: at your place (home or office), at your 4 or 5 star hotel or at the place of the therapist.

Are the photos of massage therapists real?
Yes, they are (most of the time). It is stated as such at the profile page when they are real. 

If I am not sure that the photos of the therapist are real, I do not write so in her profile page so that you know. 

Where are the massage therapists located?
As they are individual and independent, they are located at different parts of İstanbul, both on Anatolian side and European side of the city. 

Some do come to your place (like your hotel), some prefer to meet at her place only.

Can I see the photos of massage therapist's own place?
Yes, some massage therapists share them at their profile page (massage place photos video down the page).

For the ones that did not share, you can ask them to send via Whatsapp if you really need this information.

Can you communicate with the massage therapist instead of me and arrange meeting?
Unfortunately no :-( Never ever!

I am just a consultant and do not interfere with your communication / business relationship with the massage therapist(s) at the website. 

The therapists are individual experts who decide themselves whom to take as a client or whom not to.

The massage therapist (service provider) and you (service requester) are responsible for all the communication and actions between yourselves, not me. :-)

What are the prices of massage sessions at this website?
Price of a massage session depends on the expertise level of the massage therapist, massage type and session duration. So the prices vary from therapist to therapist and it is very normal. Do not be surprised.

To know exactly how much it costs for a session, you have to ask the therapist by stating massage type and duration that you want. They determine prices themselves (not me).

To give you an idea of the prices in the market, I have prepared the following page and video.

Vist the massage therapy prices page at this website.

Prices are usually between 50 USD to 200 USD. Please be aware that sessions below 50 USD are mostly very low in quality and / or shorter in duration. So do not prefer very cheap, but the affordable for your budget.

What are the most important main pages of this website?
The following are the most important pages that you need to know, click on the link to go to that page:

What to speak / How to talk with the massage therapist?
It is about communication skills of you and the massage therapist.

If you have language ability difficulty, use Google translator app or Whatsapp thranslate feature.

Massage therapists speak English mostly between basic to intermediate level, good enough for providing service, however mostly not enough for long or deep conversations.

There is no one way, however here are some important points to keep in mind.

Respect and trust is important at all times, so ask questions, but also provide real information about yourself.

You can forward your Facebook and / or LinkedIn profile as a possible step of gaining trust (an option). Or provide photos and information about you in Whatsapp.

Here are some questions that you may provide answers for about yourself:

- How long have you been in İstanbul? For what purpose?  Where do you stay?
- Did you get a massage session before in İstanbul or somewhere else?
- Which massages types have you tried or do you like?
- Which massage service would you like to get?
- What are your specific expectations about the service?

If you are looking for specific massage services, do not hesitate to ask & respect the no answer if not provided.

At what days / times can I contact the massage therapist(s)?
You can contact them during business (working) hours and days stated in their profiles.

Each works at different days of the week and between different hours of the day, sometimes late at night.

Please check the profile of each therapist and inform yourself.

Please note that if the massage therapist is busy or not working at that time, she may not reply, so be patient.

Please do not call at a non-working day or outside the business hours stated in the profile. However you can send Whatsapp message and expect a reply the next day, which may be allright, but not preferred.

How can I provide feedback about a massage therapist and / or massage session?
I am always glad to receive feedback so that I can better serve you at all times.

Send me your feedback to my e-mail address please.

Depending on your experience with the therapist / her session, I can recommend other options. 

And in rare, but possible case, I can remove a massage therapist from the website if the feedback is mostly negative (more than 30% of customers) about her (attitude, communication, service, place).

Who is the owner of the website and how can I communicate with her?
My name is Alena Mutlu and I am the owner of this website and you can communicate with me via e-mail. 

I do not offer massage services, however I help you in massage related matters in İstanbul as an expert.

Just write me any questions, comments or feedback so that I can better serve you. I reply within 24 hours.

I help you find professional massage experts in İstanbul with professional and quality service, reasonable prices, accurate information and proper working environment.